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Sailing in Venice

Discover Venice and its lagoon on a real traditional boat.

Cruise as locals in this unique environement where history and nature melt toghether.

Choose your tour and sail between wild islands and marvellous monuments and try the local cusine.

Laguna Eco Adventures is the best way to enjoy Venice. 

Eco-tourism on traditional boats

Enjoy the silence and the nature of this unique environment

Laguna eco adventures is a new company that is a challenge at the same time: we want to blow a wind of change on the lagoon, nowadays stuck into a mass-tourism tendency that neither enriches the visitor nor valorizes the territory. We want to reverse this attitude offering tours made exclusively with traditional boats and directed to small groups of people, in order to create a direct dialogue between the visitor and our guide.

Our goal is not to show Venice, but to get people to know it and love it.
We are not happy showing Rialto bridge and San Mark's basilica, we want to bring people to the remotest corner of the lagoon, to get them to know the extraordinary historic and naturalistic heritage of the city of Venice and its lagoon, an incredible richness that remains unknown because not included in the main route of mass tourism.

Our philosophy is eco-sustainable tourism, a new way to get to know the territory damaging not the environment, but on the other hand promoting its conservation through traditional ways.

Who gets on our traditional boats will get to know and to see the ancient activities and the characteristics of this wonderful territory, an extraordinary environment where nature and history melt together in peace and harmony.


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